Life changes..

Hello all,how are you?
Its been quite an eye opening week for us here at FTM mansion.
Firstly getting up way before the sun comes up..not really used to being up that early and its been a bit of a struggle in all honesty,but we will soon get used to it.
Secondly changing our bedtime..normally it was about its 10..we still read for a bit then lights out..quite harder than you think to change this routine but like i say we will just adjust to it.
We both think this will do us good..see the sun come up and have the longer days hopefully warmer as well.
Its definitely changed my morning routine..hubby leaves for work at 6ish and returns by lunchtime.
So now in the mornings i have done my laundry ,sorted emails,done a 30 minute workout all before girls get up.We have our breakfast then once thats done its normal household jobs..once they are done say by 9ish i am free to do what i want for the rest of the day.
I was listing items for sale on Ebay the other morning at half 8,got lunch sorted and a free agent after that.
Its strange how you get so into a routine that a small disruption can cause havoc..a nice havoc but still havoc.
I am sitting after i have done all my things waiting for girls to get up😀..they normally arrive downstairs about 7-7.30..
In a way its so refreshing to be up early and all done..then bed early.I am sure as the mornings get lighter and the weather improves it will get better and become the norm for us.
So ladies/gents..have you ever had to change you life a little to suit the job your doing or husband is doing?

P.S..I am not a morning person at all..but i am begginning to love the quiet time i get.


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