Got it done..

Hello all,how are you on this glorious morning.
We finally got to the allotments and got our spuds in and weeding done and hubby rotovated it ..boy it was hot and i am sure we lost pounds in sweat.i got a nice case of burn on my arms..factor 50 for everyone was applied libearally before we left but i still got it on the back of my arms..we made the girls sit in the shade but they helped as well by putting in the actual spud and i followed on covering them a nice blister for my trouble.
 Its in an awkward spot..right on the base of my thumb..keep catching it on stuff..
This is the allotment as we arrived
 and after we had worked on it
This is the allotment next to ours..its going to take some work and that is an understatement..i never understand why the  committee leave them to get this way when we offered to take it last year,it would have been no where near as bad then as it is now..

 Whilst we there i got the chicken wire for the front hedge and some prgs to hold down the black mesh weed might be able to spot the waterdrop on the pictures..our water bottle leaked a little and i had a major panic it had ruined my didn't thankfully.
It will be a challenge for sure but worth it.
I have had all my laundry out first thing in the morning and got it dry by lunch..i have tidied the garden and also got out the patio set..going to buy some black paint and some varnish to give them a spruce up..our patio set is 10 years old and needs a touch up..its lasting well and nothing major needs doing to it.
We have cleaned windows inside and out..had the windows open to let in the warm breeze and fresh air..
I have put away the big winter coats and boots..fingers crossed we won't be needing them again.
We have been up to see the sunrise every morning and hear the dawn chorus..
School has been done and over by lunch so plenty of time to do gardening and outside jobs..whilst the girls get to play..
I have added another little thing to my garden list..i would like to build up or try to make a nice shaded reading area.i have seen some ideas but they cost a fortune..i want to do it for as cheap or free as i possibly can...i have some big cushions and a blanket for the bottom i just need a canopy of some sort and also to find a nice little spot to put it..
Right ladies/gents i am off to finish school and get jobs done
take care all


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