Hello again..

Hello all,how are you?
Well i thought today would be a lovely sunny spring day..the weather however is not playing ball at the moment is it?
I do hope that your all nice and safe and warm.
I took some time away from the blog to focus on things happening here and sorting things out.
Things are about to change here..finances and more focus on frugality.
School is going well and we have had a good old month of constant work..we have covered a few topics and enjoyed them as well.
We have learnt about the Oceans,the zones of them and the life that lives in each one.

 We have discovered the trenches,plains and shelves that are spread around the globe.

 Its fascinating and we are enjoying it..they say you learn something new every day and its true.

 The currents that swirl around the world are amazing ..we did a similar thing with food dye in the bath.,and swirled it so we could see how far one current would go.

 We have also started a topic on Dolphins..now that is truly amazing..are they trained by us or are we just feeding them fish for things they do naturally?We never knew how many types of dolphin there were either.

Our next topics are Earthquakes and Tsunamis..seeing as we have had a couple of Earthquakes in the last 2 weeks it seemed appropriate to learn about them.
 I have been reading this little beauty...its a lovely book and i am thoroughly enjoying reading about Hygge..or as i call it happiness.

 I am decluttering and keeping things simple ..so far seems to be working.
I have tidied up the bookcase  and book basket..a small thing but looks effective .
 I have many bookcases and i will go through them one by one and have a good clearout of books we no longer read..
I have moved plants around the house and put them in postions that i think need a little brightening up.

 I have sorted both girls wardrobes again..sold everything that didn't fit Iris, after i was given a big bag of clothes for her which was gratefuly recieved as it restocked her clothes..Ferns clothes have been put away for Iris and i gave some to a grand daughter..so it was just Fern who needed some new clothes,the ones i sold paid for the ones i bought..not a penny of my pocket or bank account.
 This has been put up just above the girls Pc's..a little reminder to keep your work space tidy
Our front fence had to come down..the wind was making it wobble something wicked..i was terrified it would hit a car or 2 or 3 that park there..didn't want a big bill.Our hedging has grown and as soon as the weather clears we will be putting up a new fence..chicken wire one so the hedge can get all the light it needs and have something to grow up and around.
Not much going on at the allotments either..its either been to wet or as it is now under snow..but we have all the seeds we need so it wll be all go when we get some decent weather.
We have been baking and making our own cobs.I have been running down the freezers and pantry so i can do a small stock take and see exactly what we need.
I see i have a few new followers..Hello and welcome,i hope you enjoy what you read.
Its been a cold day and we have had hot chocolate and marshmallows as a treat..very nice it was as well.

This is similar to ours..we had loads of mini marshmallows in our mugs..i forgot to take a pic though..
Right ladies/gents i do hope that you all read this.
Love to you all


  1. What a lovely spot for a bookcase. Your home is cosy with all those little touches. I hope you enjoyed your hot chocolate.

    God bless.


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