Getting sucked back in..

Hello all,how are you?

Well i have never been so popular these calls,text messages and emails are coming in almost daily..from whom i hear you ask.Its a major TV and internet provider who all of a sudden just can't live without me.Strange really as they have been taking my money for years and never gave me a courtesy call to thank me for my custom or any kind of discount at suddenly as i am leaving they are trying just about every tactic to make me stay.
Its weird and quite funny really ..they called and wanted to know the exact reason i was leaving..its financial i said..o well lets try to work something out so you can i don't want to stay i want to finish my contract and just have the phone line and internet..o so is there no way we can tempt you to have been a long time customer..i said no sorry..that was the end of that conversation .
I have to admit that when i rang to cancel my renewal and put an end to subscriptions i felt like i was being interrogated and also that i had to make excuses for leaving..i think i said sorry more times than i can count..afterwards thinking about it the company employs very good persuasion tactics to make to make you stay wth them.
They ask all sorts of questions and when you say well to be honest i only watch the rugby they then come up with a plan that can enable you to watch it..however the price only comes down a little..not good enough for us at the moment..we need the extra money we waste on having all the surplus channels to do some good in our budget and our home and garden.Its our money and i want to spend it on what we need and also what we want to do..i felt guilty cancelling it that sounds daft but i bet lots of folks feel the same way..its how they make you feel on the phone,wheedling away and literally making a plan for you to stay and offering discounts..that when you listen only last for 6 months but its too late because by then you have accepted it and also accepted a new 18 month contract..getting sucked right back to where you started.
So my resolve has been strengthened and i am not accepting anything..we have plans for the money we will save and nothing is going to stop them.
The weather might stop them.😒but no phone call or any other communication is going to.


  1. Snap! We ditched our cable/broadband provider this week and bought a box and an Ariel which will do the job and save us around £600 this year and more the next. But, oh the agony of those phone calls to canel! I can sympathise entirely.

    1. Hi Jan.. great mnds think alike..we too have bought a tv box and an you sat the savings are going to be brilliant..and yes the calls are pure agony..glad you broke free.

  2. This blog was... how Ԁo I say іt? Relevant!! Finaⅼly I haѵe f᧐und sometһing that helped mе.

    Tһanks a lot!


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