When your plan fails..make soup.

Hello all,i hope that your ok today.
Yesterday i wanted to make some Goulash,i got all my stock ready and the veg prepped..opened the beef and it smelt absolutely bloody awful.I actually gagged it was that bad.I was so annoyed ..we only bought it on Monday for crying out loud..thats the second lot of meat we have bought from Lidl that has gone funny on me. I am going to look for another meat supplier.It was that bad i had no choice but to throw it.
I was also annoyed as i had got everything ready ..i certainly wasn't going to throw the rest away.So i carried on and instead of Goulash i made a very tasty soup from it all..its delicious and i had a little helper(Iris)..she loved my soup and couldn't wait for lunch time today to have a bowl of it.

We had plenty of it and i have 3 tubs in my freezer ready for another day.


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