Waste not want not..

Hello all.
Well Christmas is over and the decorations are down and we are back to normal.
The house has been cleaned from top to bottom and all decorations are safely packed away and stored for the end of the year.
A majority of the food has been eaten or will be eaten in the next few days,my fridge is full and my freezer is emptyish apart from a few things that i  made and have not defrosted yet.
My mum made us a Christmas Cake as she does every year..for some reason this time around she made us a large one where as we always have a small one..we have the small size so it gets eaten and none wasted..i had at least half the cake left yesterday.
 I cut  it into portions and then popped them in a bag and put them in the freezer..you never know when you might fancy a bit of Christmas cake.

 All went in apart from this tiny piece which i enjoyed with a nice cuppa.


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