Lovely walk and budding photographer's.

Hello all,how are you?
As today seemed the first decent day in a while i decided to take the girls out on a little nature walk.
It was a bit chilly but we wrapped up and off we went.
Cameras were Christmas gifts this year and their's are amazing..they were taking pics every few seconds..its a good thing and i wish i had had a camera when i was small.I love photography and trying to capture the little things.

 We had a great time,taking pictures and just being in our favourite place.

 I love taking pictures of the tree's..i find them so beautiful and the shape of them is fascinating.You can't really tell the shape of a tree with its leaves in full display..underneath all those leaves is the true shape and size of them.

 Iris was literally holding onto the fence with one hand and taking pictures with the other,i did go and hold onto her when i realized what she was doing.



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