Art lesson

Hello all,how are you today?
Well its back to normal totally here.
Back to school and doing our own thing.
I love art..not the new stuff as i find some of it totally unreal and be honest the one that won a prize for a model of an unmade bed i could do that..every morning actually but do i get a prize no..its my life and no awards for making a bed.👏
So off the rant now..we had a lesson on still life..firstly they did an apple,they turned out really well,so then i plonked my Spider plant on the table and let them have a go..i think to be able to draw and see that put down on paper or canvas is the most wonderful thing..what i see and what i draw are 2 totally different things..its almost like my hand becomes disconnected from my brain.
How ever Fern can do it..she is very talented but thats me talking.

 Iris did her own thing and drew flowers,using the wallpaper sample as a can see it top left of this pic.

 Ferns interpretation of my Spider plant

 Then after lunch a few games of Draughts..its like watching Mastermind 😀


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