Hello all, how are you today?
Its been very busy here for all of us..not only with schooling and normal chores.its christmas prep as well and our eldest daughter has moved into a house just down the road from us.Its gorgeous and just needs some TLC and a new kitchen and it will be an amazing home for her and the twins.Its been on the cards for a while and her dad has been and decorated the living room and bedrooms upstairs whilst it was empty.She moved in last Monday and has been slowly getting it sorted all week.So now i have not that far to go to pop in.

Unfortunately i haven't been able to help much as i came down with an evil cold that is still hanging around..Iris was knocked off her feet and spent 2 days..yes 2 days just laid on the sofa..she was so poorly with it..but thankfully this morning she seems much improved and has her appetite back.

Our home itself has needed some little jobs doing as well..it seems that in the Spring/Summer we are preparing the allotment and then we have to store it when its harvested in Autumn or as we go along..so our indoor jobs seems to get left behind. We painted the bathroom ceiling and patched up the paint work around the room.We have also re-arranged the back shed ..my freezers were all over the place..hubby spent the day moving them so they are in a row and the hoover can finally be in a corner of its own.The room looks much bigger and lighter ,we are going to paint it and put new flooring down but that will be after christmas..
 The Heron came back to visit and made himself at home for a while..he didn't get any fish but was looking..we just watched him and i managed to get a good photo by being sneaky..
Jack went for his grooming and came back looking amazing and wearing a lovely Christmas neckerchief..he also got a present.

I have to be honest here..i have not wrapped one gift or even got the cards done yet..i am hoping to get them done this week now i feel better..have you got it all done?
On the frugal front..i have not had the inclination to go shopping or even to want to spend any..am sure that will change 😉


  1. Nope, not done anything yet!! Jack looks adorable :-)


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