The year of the garden..2018

Hello all.
As i said earlier i am not making any resolutions for next..i am however making a decision and i am determined and focused on this.
Our 2018 is going to be The Year of The Garden/Allotments.
We have a large garden..its a corner plot so it goes way down .Over the years we have had it various different ways but now its time to change again.As its a large garden we separated it into 2 smaller side for the girls to play in and the other half has the pond .
We have sheds and a playhouse plus the chicken pen and 2 a long work shed that hubby has worked hard on.
My plan is to remove the separating trellis and then plant a small box hedge around the girls will give them some privacy and much needed shade.To plant a new pear tree in an unused part of the garden ,move the girls playhouse to the other side and have it closer to the house and it will totally free up space so my blackberry bushes can grow up the fence that is currently blocked off by the playhouse.
I will remove the block paving from around the base of my fruit trees and plant wild flowers to encourage more bees to visit.Re use the block pavers to fill in a little border(cats toilet) and put hopefully minature fruit trees in pots and sit them on the blocks.
Our 2 greenhouses are side by side ,we want to turn them around and join them together so we have one long greenhouse and we can change all the glass to plastic so its more insulated and then inside we can have beds and more fruit.
The pergola we have looks nice but does absolutely sod a new grape vine will be purchased and trained up and over it..we may get grapes in the first year but doubtful..however it will get plenty of sun and also provide shade.
I have missed the flower borders and i don't like looking at red plan is to remedy this by having climbing flowering plants cover them.
Our allotment is also going to be greatly used again and i plan on every single meal we have will have either something we have grown or made from total scratch in it.
Like i say its not a resolution but i am determined to do it..i want my garden to be a place we can sit and relax either in the sun or shade and look around and see the beautiful trees,bushes and plants..not to be obscured by the huge trellis.It will make the garden look absolutely enormous with no separation.I am hoping to do a majority of this for free or minimal expense.
Wish us luck.


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