Post Christmas..

Hello all,how are you? Did you all have a lovely time?
Well this week has been a funny a week full of Sundays to be honest.I kept checking my calendar to see what day it was.Really confusing.
The aftermath of Christmas is..we are all stuffed and totally sick of chocolate..never heard of that in this house but its true.We have lots of chocolate left so i am putting all the rest in the fridge to save for treats. We all enjoyed our christmas and we did it on a limited budget,all our preparation before hand was worth it..we have had sofa days,movies days and now its back to reality.
I have a lot of food in the fridge and freezer,so we are not going to do any shopping until its all gone and use up all the left overs.I made some Christmas Pudding icecream which is delicious by the way and so easy to do.
We have been talking and have have decided to make next year even better and start earlier with our preparations.
I have caught up with all the laundry and also house work,which for a few days was put on hold whilst i enjoyed our festivities.Once the New Year is here then the decorations will come down and i will have a major clean up,we are not making any resolutions this year as i reckon we have said it then not stuck to i won't bother this time.
We have made a decision and this is one we can stick to but its not a resolution..i will reveal all soon.
I hope that you have had a great time and that your not stuffed too much.


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