On the build..

Hello all, how are you today?
Its building here,the excitement that is.
I love this time of the festivities..not quite there but its within touching distance..the girls are excited but not yet at the can't sleep stage.
I love to see the faces light up and the way they talk so fast and get words mixed up when telling me what they like about Christmas..and the ooh's and ahh's when cakes are finished baking and decorated.Even going to post cards they get excited..its only next door and a few neighbours but they love it.
We have been having fun with little bits and bobs.this made me chuckle
Later we will make some cookies and enjoy them watching a film together.
No doubt we will reach Defcon 2 but at the moment we are simmmering at 3..


  1. Well if I'm getting excited at 57 years of age I can only image how things are building up at yours ;-)

    If I don't get back before the BIG day, I would just like to wish you and all your family all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. xx


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