Christmas Fayre

Hello all,how are you today?
Its been a busy week here..we had 2 birthdays in quick succession..i always joke that Fern was hubbys birthday present..bless him.

It was our local church's annual Christmas Fayre on Saturday..20p each to get in and a quick look around.It was absolutely packed out ,no room to move.The local school reception class were singing songs and they were very good and got a huge round of applause.
I went with my daughter Fionna and her children plus Fern and is a popular event and there were lots of people lining up outside to get in..we had a good look at everything and had a go on the Tombola..i won a small gift set which smells lovely..we bought 3 books and then had to was hot and getting more and more crowded..such a shame as its a good Fayre but held in the very small church hall. There is another one soon at another local Church..we will go to that one as well but this Church is a lot bigger and hopefully we won't get so hot. I suppose it doesn't help that we all have stinking rotten colds and feel grotty but it was a nice way to spend some time.
Have you been to any Christmas Fayre's?


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