Bullies are just cowards..

Hello all, how are you today?
This little fella is called Keaton Jones..and he is being bullied and picked on by a bunch of cowards.
If you read this Keaton then listen..bullies are so mean and don't realize that the words they use cut deep inside and hurt so bad..most bullies learn their ways from their parents/peers..they do it to make themselves feel good and so they can brag about making you cry.All bullies are sad little indidviduals and are so far up their own a** they don't realize that they are not perfect,no one is perfect.
You are by far the better person and it shines through you..keep your chin up mate and know that lots of people love and care for you and will fight your corner.
Bullies are bitter and one day it will happen to them and then maybe they will wake and see what they have done to you.Don't let them crush that beautiful spirit you have deep inside.Keep that flame alive..we are sending our support to you from the Uk..
You are a fine young man and will grow to be a better man than the bullies ever could dream of being.Hold your head high and be proud of yourself because we are proud of you.
sara,fern,iris,sam,andrea,fionna,heather and sam sr.


  1. Well said Sara. It makes for heart breaking listening doesn't it.
    His words are so powerful.

    1. Hi Sue..o it mad eme cry bless his soul..i despise bullies in any form they come.


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