Our World Map

Hello all,how are you?
We have been learning about the World,the Countries,Continents,Oceans,Climates you name it we are learning about it.
Our map has seen better days but its marked out with things we need to know..also we have put coloured dots on it to show where in the world we received postcards from..my lovely friend Lyn and her daughter Nell sent out a request on Facebook for people to send us postcards..we have loads and investigate the country they have been sent from.

The figures i bought for our World Landmark Project..they were from Ebay..i bought them for Iris as she learns quicker if she can visualize what she is learning..Fern on the other hand reads and watches documentaries..so i cater for both.The good thing is the Landmarks come in a carry case and i will re-sell them once we don't use them anymore.
I am going to buy another map for us to use on tracking the Weather and Storms..


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