O i do love a good bargain..

Hello all,how are you?
Earlier this year a new discount shop opened up quite close to us..its a short dated shop and i have never been in one so i decided to go and have a look.Some of it is ok and some of it is just Wow..i bought some jars of Roses Lime Marmalade for 50p..they have a long date on them until next year,the only reason they are 50p is because the labels weren't put on correctly.I went up earlier this week to have a quick look and i got a really good buy...

I  grabbed 2 of these..they make 13 loaves per bag or 105 rolls per bag..they are good until the end of this month..so i have started already making  and freezing them..what a bargain.It will save us a pretty penny.It tastes amazing and my house smelt of fresh bread all day.
We had a pumpkin and i saved the seeds from it..i have always wanted to roast my own but never have.This year i was determined to do it. I saved the seeds and dried them out on kitchen paper ,then washed them. I found a recipe on Pinterest on how to roast them.
You boil them in salted water for 10 minutes,cool a little. Spread some oil into a pan and toss the seeds then in the oven for 20 minutes..they are delicious.I seriously don't think they will last long. As for the rest of the pumpkin,well,the chicken loved it.

A lovely snack and not hard to do..next time i get my hands on a pumpkin i will make the salted caramel version.
Do you have any bargains or pumpkin seed ideas.


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