Even though Christmas is coming..

Hello all,how are you?
Well even though the festive season and excitement is slowly descending upon Flowertot Mansion..we still have school to do..
We are learning all about Cells..the different ones and their purpose in your body..also Plant and Animal Cells as well. We have a small microscope and have been looking at different things through it..the girls are surprised at how they look so different up close and not at all what you think they would look like..

The slides you can see were purchased from Ebay for about £6 last year..they have plants,pollen animal slices on them so its fascinating to look up close.

The girls made a Cell from Plasticine and labelled it..

We are also doing our own Diagrams and how they are all unique and each one as important as the next.

I like teaching this kind of thing as you can as in depth as you want or not..also making the models is good for them. I have had to order new Plasticine as ours is looking a bit grotty but i got it on sale from Ebay for £3 .
We will be doing more on this subject through out the next month or so.and of course some festive bits and bobs too.


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