Production line in operation..

Hello all,how are you?
Its been quite a slow week here at Flowertot Mansion..every one had an awful cold..even the dog was quiet.The wind did its absolute best to knock over fences and rattle our greenhouses to bits but we were ready for it and they survived.
We all have had about enough of this flipping today i took the girls out for some fresh air and a walk to the post office and seemed to do them the world of good..and me to be honest.
We got home and then started in on the bag of apples we were given.
I had a little production line going in the dining room..i peeled,Fern chopped and Iris had the most important job of keeping the apples in lemon juice .

We ended up with a huge bowl of stewed apples..not too swet and not tart enough to suck the enamel off your teeth..
I did make my first ever Apple was a bit i cut it in half and froze half.

It certainly went down well and i will definitely be making another.
As for the rest of the stewed apples i will be making cakes and sponges and crumbles with them.
It was a lovely day and hopefully we can see the light at the end of the tunnel to be free of the cold.


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