Not much going on..

Hello all,how are you?
Well not much is going on here at flowertot mansion..the normal school and being as frugal as we can.
The girls have had an awful cold it has totally drained little Iris and Fern was a mess.I had it as well and boy did it knock me off my feet but you have to keep going.
Iris had a wonderful birthday with gorgeous and thoughtful gifts from everyone..her little tea party was a success..her big sisters and neices and nephew came so we had a houseful and everyone had a good time.Just about everyone was shattered when they went home.

Its one of my favourite times of the year with the gardening catalogues arriving and i love sitting down when its all quiet with a cuppa and going through them,making a list and planning and dreaming of what i could do with the seeds and plants if i had the money.But i don't, so i make a list of just what we need and what we can grow and more to the point what we eat.And also what i can get from Wilko's seed section..but then again some of the seeds we bought last year didn't come through at all.
Our little flower bed we built has now got some Winter Lettuce in it with pop bottle cloches on top of them to stop the sparrows and pigeons pinching them.

 The Fuschia's and Geranium plants are still going strong in my little flower bed..i cut the Geraniums back in the summer and they came back stronger than before.Next year i am hoping to have the bed full of Fuschia's,we have taken cuttings and got them going .
I have been baking and hubby has been making bread and cobs for us all..using up what we have in the freezer as well.I did a Pantry shop and stocked up on flour,sugar and baking goods also tinned stuff.It was a surprise how much it had actually gone down in price..why? I don't know, but i did more or less the same shop i normally do and even added a few extras i am not complaining at all.It was delivered and not one thing was substituted so thats a big bonus.My pantry is now full and should keep us going until just after Christmas..whoops i said the C word..but wether we like it or not its on its way and nothing we can do about it so i am just going to go with the flow again and make it as good as i possibly can.
We thought that we had put the garden to bed for the Winter but no the weather has different ideas..the grass keeps growing and needs mowing,the weeds keep a coming and now its warm..its so strange to be in October and be in the house wth a light shirt on..we haven't had our heating on yet,our house now seems to keep it warmth longer..i think thats its down to the new loft insulation the council put in and having thermal blinds and lined curtains.
I got my utility bills and i am in credit with both gas and electric..also my payments are going down every month.Is it because i have started unplugging everything we are not using and switching things off when we leave rooms.well what ever it is its working and i will carry it on.
What have you all been up to?


  1. What have I been up to ... well much the same as you, but replace the colds with a bad back and the cloched lettuces for seedlings in the polytunnel and unfortunately for us no girly birthday party with family visiting. Like yours our house is really warm thanks to thick insulation in the loft and blinds and curtains at all the windows so no, there's been no central heating on here yet, although the log burner has been on for a few hours once or twice in the last few weeks.

    Our grass is still growing and it needs one final (I hope) mowing and flowers that should have died and been long gone are having a second burst of colour in the front flower bed, which makes the place look a little cheerful in amongst all the rapidly falling leaves. What a mixed season we are having!!

    I love the new look of your blog :-)

    1. Hi Sue..o bless you with the back ache..its not good is it..i have had backache for years and nothing they can do..its from giving birth to 6 babies lol..
      O sweet if we ever get the chance to meet i will throw you a girly tea party.
      I love your polytunnels and get serious envy over them.
      Hopefully the grass just needs one more cut but last year it was November before we stopped.
      My flowers too have been flowering away lasting a little longer..its a very mixed season weather wise but i am grateful we haven't had the heating on yet
      Thank you i thought my blog needed a refresh..
      love you


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