Love to rummage

Hello all,how are you today?
Well yesterday i got to do something i love doing. I went to an Antique shop and had a darn good rummage.I love doing that..i delve right into the bottom of a box and unearth hidden treasures or sometimes complete junk but either way i love it.
I spent a good hour going around this particular shop..its absolutely huge and the furniture is all laid out nicely and its spotless..the cleaning lady certainly earns her money.Furniture is highly polished and the ornaments are shiny and not a cobweb in sight..i have been to some that smell to high heaven and you hesitate about buying things from them.
I look in all the nooks and crannies for little things and found these just on a bottom shelf .
 A gorgeous striped mug that matches a jug i have and a cake slice..the mug was 50p and the cake slice was 70p.

 My new coffee mug..the cake slice was used last might to serve up choclate covered brownies.

I think i was quite restrained yesterday and only bought these 2 things.I took only £10 with me and came home with £8.80..i was proud of myself for not spending the entire tenner and believe me there was a lot of gorgeous stuff..but thats all it was is stuff..i needed a new mug and the cake slice goes lovely with my pastry forks.I may be on a budget but i do like nice little treasures.


  1. Very lovely cake server. It was a great find.

    God bless.


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