Get over it..

Hello all,how are you today?

Well i could not believe what i read yesterday..maybe you agree maybe you don't but this is my opinion.
A woman has complained to Wilkos about Housewife Pillow Cases.seriously??? she complained.Why?
It seems that the term for this style of pillow offends her sensibilities as a woman..i am surprised the Feminazis haven't picketed the shop to make them remove it.
I'm sorry but i may be deeply unpopular after this but GET OVER IT!!! there are more serious things in this world than being offended by a bloody pillow case. People are dying,starving and being killed by terrorists there are more real threats to us now than there has ever been and all they can complain about is this.
Don't get me wrong i am all for equal rights for everyone but sometimes i think lines have been stepped over and the PC Brigade has taken over..i feel sorry for any man who dares hold a door open for one of these women these days..he might get told "i can do it myself" fair enough..or if he doesn't hold the door he is called a Sexist wonder men are confused.
I for one totally appreciate a door being held open for me and i don't automatically assume its because he is ogling me, its because he has manners .
I get very annoyed at the female population these just can't seem to please some people.
If all they have to complain about is this then they live in a bubble .
Next thing you know it will be the Oxford Pillow Case being chastised because its not fair on Cambridge.


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