Life is just busy..

Hello all,how are you?
Firstly i want to say how deeply sorry i am that innocent people have yet again been hurt by a bunch of *******,*****,****.My heart goes out to the innocents who were caught up in the awful incident this morning.💗
My life is busy,busy,busy.
The allotment is all caught up and so is the garden..we have tidied up and put away the furniture and bits for Winter..good job we did it as we had strong winds and plenty of rain.
The girls are back to school and working hard,Fern asked if she could learn German and Iris wants to learn i am swotting up on both subjects.
Our reading time has increased for both girls and Iris now does a short story about the book she has read and changes it to suit her life and surroundings or something relevant to her..its good for her.Fern is doing a short novel study on Anne Frank which is certainly opening her eyes to the world.
They are both doing Handwriting in a lovely style which i can't remember at the moment..both have been doing Art and Fern wants to learn more about different styles of Art and also the masters and i have been on the Library website to find books..i will have a read of them so i don't make a fool of myself lol.Its quite nice that she has found something she loves to learn about and to be honest she can draw..she does some really nice pieces for herself and i am hoping the books inspire her more.
 Iris listening to her French
Fern listening to her German.
We have been conker picking..not many at the moment but it was nice to just go and walk and chat..

 We picked the Apples on our quite a few and they are delicious..
 Hopefully next year we have more

 Our Melons have finally given up but not before we managed to get 3 more from them.
They are perhaps the best Melons i have ever had..they maybe small but they certainly have a lovely taste and never last long at snack time.

 All thats left of one Melon.
My hubby has out done himself again..i saw a brilliant idea on Pinterest..wasn't sure if it was possible for us to do but it turns out it was..a few days of measuring ,cutting and painting and bingo i have this.

A built in pantry door..and the best thing is it was totally free..we had the wood left over from other projects and the paint we already had.Its amazing and has freed up quite a bit of shelf space in my Pantry..We made the shelves to fit all the things that i use often.I couldn't get the whole door in the picture becaus of the kitchen wall...but i think you get the idea
My evenings have been taken up with listing on Ebay and also packing and wrapping parcels.
My spare room is slowly emptying which is looking better and better..we were going to turn it into a sewing room but after chatting to Fern we are going to wait a while to see if she wants a room of her own in year or so.I would hate to get it done then have to change it back again but we will see.
We have been to the Library and raided it for books.It was a lovely hour to just sit and look for books until the Mum's and Tot's arrived then we beat a hasty retreat..totally out numbered by little ones, but so cute.
The air conditioner and fans have been cleaned and put away and the dehumidifiers are out of storage.
We are so looking forward to the dark nights and being inside all cosy.I have got my slow cooker out and will be making some chunky soups and big hearty stews for teatimes..also the puddings..rice pudding, bread and butter pudding..treacle sponge and custard..ooh i am hungry just thinking of them.
Right ladies i am off to have a cuppa and then off to bed with my book.


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