Half an hour to spare..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i am sat here with hair dye in and have half an hour to wait so i thought i would drop a quick post..i have one girl laid on the sofa with a bunged up nose,temp and pasty as a sheet and the other is currently doing battle with her book or should i say the dragon in the book..so its quiet here.
Its been the usual week here,schooling and being as frugal as possible..making all our own bread and cobs,also baking which is a real delight to do as i know all i bake gets eaten and not wasted.
The weather has enabled hubby to get the allotment all tidied up and set some onions and spring onions which will grow over Winter..he has moved the Rasberries and Strawberries also 5 Gooseberry bushes too.
I have been doing some little craft things that i have been wanting to try for ages.
Firstly this
 An old wicker basket that has been just hanging around..i painted it and used old white fabric to make the edges..it matches my book chair..its got all the current books we are reading in it.

Looks good for nothing.
Secondly this..
 I had help from Iris before she got ill..can you see her glitterized Unicorn in the background?
We painted some old wood then i found the picture i wanted,hubby  had to change the file or something..then i reversed printed it in poster size and used the same method as when i made my Pumpkin sign..stuck it down with Modge Podge,left it over night then sprayed with warm warm and gently rubbed off the top layer..

 It just needs a coat of varnish and i will put it up on my porch outside..
Recently i bought us some new sheets..the fitted ones from Asda..they are a good price and not that bad a quality either..anyhoo as they are new the elastic is very still taut and i get fed up with trying to stretch them around and get the sides mixed up ..long/short..many times i have pulled them on only to have that side ping up and smack me in the face..my answer to this..i sewed a little tag on the tops..so i know that it goes at the top.Probably sounds daft but it helps with putting them on and makes it quicker to pop them on.

Right time to wash out my dye..see you soon


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