Blog break

Hello all,i have had a blog break. I just needed to get things done and also take some time out from the world.
Unfortunately i have also had a serious Sinus infection and my face swelled up like flipping chubby hamster,i am now on my second course of antibiotics which fingers crossed will stop it in its tracks.It has not been fun thats for sure.
In my absence i have been busy and will pop up some pics later in the week.
I have also started to knit a blanket..slow going but i will get there.
Our allotment group were having an inspection today so we have worked really hard to make sure it was spot on..lots of veggies all growing and as per the rules keep our grass pathway neat.We have given up the was too much for us to keep up with and not much grew was alost 3/4 in the shade of a huge tree all day and only got sun on the very end of it in the late afternoon..most of the veggies went leggy and some just never got going at all. We admitted defeat and gave up with it.
Apart from that we have been just enjoying the weather and being with the girls.


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