Hello all.
I am writing this and sitting here totally confused by what i have heard.
A very close friend of the family has been banned from the church she has attended for ever. She is almost 80 years old and a real firecracker.plenty of energy and such a lovely person. She has been going to this church her whole life,supported it financially,given her time and so much of her life and they have repayed her in this way.I am confused and also enraged that they could treat her this way..not just her but her daughter and grand daughter too.
Why has she been banned you ask?
Her daughter went to the Choir practice and had a book with her that had a Pagan symbol on it,someone saw it and reported her to the elders..they had a meeting and they were banned. Accused her of Paganism and witchcraft..WTF..sorry..for that.
If they had taken the time to ask then they would have found out the symbol means" To love all of creation" or something like that but no..some bloody busy body reported them and now the place they go to worship is shunning them.
I really thought all Christian places of worship welcomed all faiths and beliefs no matter what.
Am in total heart goes out to this lovely lady.
I don't expect comments on this..just venting it.
I won't name the Church either as i don't think they would take to kindly to it.


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