A short but almost violent summer cold

Hello all,how are you today?
Well for the last week Iris and i have a short yet almost violent summer cold..lots of aches and headache from hell,plenty of snot and sneezing,temperatures and then poof gone over night..so strange as no one else had  it.But thankfully we are ok now.
After we had recovered i got back to it..the big hest freezer needed defrosting.
We have been eating out the freezer for the last few weeks to use it all up..the only thing i did bin was a box of manky looking ice poles..god knows how long they have been in there.

 I can't get over how big it looks when its empty and to be honest i haven't seen the bottom of it for a while(years).Now we are planning on filling it up with veggies and fruit from the allotment.
I have been hamster sitting for the the last week..he is so cute and no bother whatsoever..his name is Biscuit.I cleaned him out today and had to keep catching him as he did his impression of Houdini and tried to escape the cage.He goes home on Saturday.
He loves his wheel and it doesn't squeak,so he can play all night and we don't hear him.
And this little fellow set up home in the wrong place..think he got lost on the way to the garden.
 Hubby caught him and put him back outside.

So ladies what has happened to our Summer..its been torrential rain here for the last 2 days.
Just before it started we cut down the Virginia Creeper that has slowly been taking over the chicken pen..we also moved the compost bins.Smelly job and bloody hell the size of the spiders in there was totally scary..the chicken loved it..plenty of bugs and worms for her to eat..she was following me around the pen as i cut the creeper and watching me..everytime a bug fell or moved she ran over got it then ran off again.Her little house got a really deep clean ..it wasn;t too bad as we clean it out every week..she looked all ruffled and plumped up when she went back in.
So ladies what have you all been up to?


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