Worked myself to a standstill..

Hi everyone,how are you?
The weather here is glorious and i have all my laundry done and waiting to be ironed..but apart from that i have nothing on my plate.
I have worked myself to a standstill..all rooms have been totally spring cleaned and de-cluttered.
The outside of the house has been done as well courtesy of hubby..he fixed up the porch,painted steps,windowsill and painted the trellis.
We have been doing school every morning and just relaxing in the afternoons.
I did a little craft project with the girls,inspired by a trip to Belton Garden Centre..
I made these for the bathroom.

They were selling glass bottles with a piece of fabric glued on the front and twine around the top for £6.99..i nearly bloody fainted. I got home and got out the fabric stash and found some nice seaside themed fabric and the twine was what i had saved from bunches of flowers my son bought me for Mothers Day..the bottles i bought years ago and never used..the seashells were from the girls craft box.It took us  an hour to make them all..the big vase was a charity shop find at 20p..i think mine look better and definitley cheaper.
We also have been inspired by the book i bought called Country Crafts..we made little bath bags.
Some old white fabric cut into circles..with cotton wool and essential oil dropped on it..we then added dried flowers..cornflower,lavender and roses.All you do is tie string around the top then hang from the hot tap whilst running..its not an overwhelming smell but enough to relax.Iris made quite a few and Fern loved the Rose ones.

We fancied up a little jar with some floral fabric..its smells gorgeous when you open it up.
I am still in shock at the price of the bottles and people were snapping them up like they were going out of fashion.
Have you ever made something so much cheaper and got a total sense of satisfaction from it.Or seen something and thought "WTH"..and just can't get your head around the price.


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