What would you do?

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i was watching the news and saw Teresa May going to pop her leaflet through a door..the home owner came out and threw it in the bin.
I'm sorry but i think that is just plain rude..and surely he was brought up better.Not judging but manners are everything and its also how your perceived as well.Everyone has their own opinion on politics,religion ,relationships.,.it should never be personal.Just because you don't agree with someone else's views does not give you the right to be rude..there are lots of parenting views i do not agree with and also political and religious points of view but i am not rude to these people..each to their own.
A good healthy debate is often enlightening for both sides .

So ladies /gents..what would you do if a politician on the campaign trail knocked on your door..i know its  a rare sight but it might happen.
Would you firstly answer the door?
Or ignore them
Would you listen politely or shut the door?
After listening would you then say "i have already made my mind up thanks and say good bye or get lost"
Would you have questions for them?
Or like my husband with the Jehovahs Witness who come to the door..grill them and point out the wrongs and have a good debate with them.

If either party knocked on my door i would be polite and listen and tell them i have already voted by post but thanks for coming.
To be honest i would love to have both leaders of the parties knock on my door..i would invite them in and have a few questions for them both..but it ain't gonna happen really is it.



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