Spring cleaning bug finally hit me..

Hello all how are you?
Well its finally got me..i kept thinking the house was ok and not too bad..don't get me wrong its not filthy at all but there are things that needed doing.
So last week i started..i have sugar soaped all the doors in the downstairs porch..washed scuff marks of the walls..cleaned windows and sorted the winter coats and wellies and put them away..i was hot and sweaty but it was worth it.
I moved onto the kitchen..that got it from top to bottom and now looks like it was just decorated..i took the blinds down and washed them on the line..Iris helped me to do that..we then rinsed them off with the hose pipe and i also got a rinse.I just need to slim it down in there and get rid of stuff i don't actually use..you know, the whim buy that sits there looking pretty but does nothing..i have a box at the ready for it all.

The dining room was the biggest task so far..the curtains are huge and heavy and i did struggle to get them down but i did it..they had a wash and didn't take long to dry..the room got a real good going over from top to bottom..the chandelier was taken to pieces and gently washed then put back together..i sorted the bookcases and gave some recipe books to my daughter Fionna..the girls also had jobs to do..they had to clean the picture frames and ornaments..we were at it all day and we all got an enormous amount of satisfaction from working together and getting it done.

The living room was a nightmare..took all day but had the same treatment as the dining room..totally blitzed from top to bottom..the girls did the same with the pictures and they sorted the bookcases as well..all books were dusted and the DVD's..i was relieved when we finally got it finished.
The girls room was next and we all did that..we moved the beds and hoovered under them..i can't reach the corners normally so it was really a dust bunny heaven in there..we also had a toy cleanse and book cleanse..we took the books to or local Post Office as they sell them for a charity..they were really pleased with the amount we took and we still have more to go.

I have still to do the bathroom and also our bedroom but the weather is just too warm to do it..i will when its cooled a little..
I was quite pleased with what we accomplished ..no chemicals involved in stain removing and i refreshed the carpets with Bicarb of soda..it smells so fresh and clean..i was proud of the girls for giving up toys and books that they have had for a long time..the room now looks clearer and its all in its place..and they have to keep it that way..or i will go in and just take what is left on the floor and give it away.Its a threat yes but it works.

We had our hair cut this week,,Fern decided she no longer wanted bum length hair and had it cut to just below her shoulders..she loved it for the first few days then regretted it..like i said to her it will grow back over time..afraid she had to learn the hard way.Iris just had a trim and i had a good trim.
The dog also had his haircut at Gonerby Gorgeous..he came back looking like a different dog..
 Look how shaggy he looks..we bath him and brush him but his coat gets so flipping tangled..

He must feel so much better having all that hair cut off..cooler for him as well.
I have done no baking..i froze half of the last lot and we have eaten that..its all gone now so i will bake again this weekend depending upon the weather..i refuse to bake if its too hot.
All the houseplants have been taken outside and had the compost refreshed and leaves cleaned of dust..some needed repotting as well.
We have also been busy in the garden..i painted the outside porch in the evenings when it was cooler..it has gone from red to a nice dark green..hubby fixed the guttering and the felt roof..then he added a downpipe..it looks really good and not bad as it didn't cost a penny to do..we had the paint and all the guttering in his shed..it just cost us time.

 I am still working on it..it needs a good clean inside and the steps painting but i will get to it.

 We have had this old sink kicking around for ages..its never really done much but look a mess..last year i decided to put compost and flowers in it..hubby grew the Marigolds and i was given the Celosa for my birthday from my daugher Andrea..couldn't think were to put it until i spied the sink..i put in some Geraniums and a trailing Fuschia..plus a couple of other plants that i honestly don't know the name of them..but thought they looked pretty..hubby filled it all in this morning whilst the girls and i went to the Dentist for our 6 monthly check ups...doesn't it look amazing..and such a lovely thing to see when you come out the back door.
 Our Cucumbers are growing well and will be at the top of the canes tomorrow i reckon.
 We have Tomatoes growing away  and they have fruits on them already.
 These are the Melons we are trying to grow..as you can see we have one growing..can't wait to see how it goes or not.
 The Grape is doing amazingly well too..we have little bunches..6 at the last count.

So that is what we have been doing..and believe me folks we are shattered and need a day off. As the weather has been gorgeous we filled up the pool and got the trampoline out as well..that is great fun bouncing on that..i love it.We had our first BBQ of the summer as well..that was so nice to sit and eat and relax with everyone..unfortunately Ferns Hayfever has been playing her up but with the Piriteze it eased but not much..poor girl.The air conditioner we bought a few years back has been a life saver for them at night..it cools their bedroom to a comfortable level..our old fan is in the dining room and we splashed out and bought ourselves one for our bedroom..its like an oven in there..our bedroom gets the sun from first thing in the morning until afternoon.After waking up covered in sweat we decided to buy one..its so good .
So folks, thats us..keeping busy and on top of things..what have you been doing?


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