Our Pond..

Hello all,how are you?
We have a lovely pond in our garden..its been here for about 30 odd years..its my secret relaxation place..a chair a drink and just breathe and relax..its wonderful if you have been busy.
When we moved in here the pond had been filled in with dirt and bags of rubbish..which my hubby took a long tme to dig out and fix the holes that had been smashed into it..the previous tennants didn't like trees,grass,ponds or anything that buzzed..plus the bags of rubbish we dug out contained dirty clothes that had just been buried..YUK😲..we were shocked but then we shouldn't have been with the state of the house..why should the garden be any different..the poor council man tried to talk us out of doing the exchange with them..but they had what we needed..an extra bedroom.
Anyway back to the pond..it took my hubby months to sort it out..and the back garden looked like a battlefield during the redo.
Over the years our pond has taken on a life of its own..we don't do anything fancy to it and certainly don't use the expensive products you can buy to keep it clean..our filters are home made and the pumps were on sale when we bought them.
The plants, well Bullrushes to be precise are spreading nicely and look lovely swaying in the breeze..the Lillies have grown and now we have a lot of them..i love how they flower when the sunshines and close up when the sun goes in..fascinating to watch them.
Over the last 5-6 years the Toads and Frogs have spawned and stayed..we have resident dwellers and those who hop in now and again..the fish are a rare mix..we were given some Koi crossed with goldfish for free..they have now expanded and we have a lovely shoal that swim up and down the pond..they don'y mind us at all,especially when its really warm and they sunbathe..the girls stroke the fish and the fish don't move.We have had to put up a net and stop the Heron from having a free breakfast..it wasn't until we saw him with one of the bigger fish in his beak that we had to act..i kept wondering where the fish were disappearing to.
We have returning Dragonflies every year..i wait for them..they are so beautiful to watch and the colours of them are just mesmerising.They lay their eggs on the rushes and then we go look for them..we watch the little larvae fall off into the water..if we are lucky enough .

Our pond is by no means a show pond its left to its own devices and nature has done her thing..its beautiful to me and i love to look at it as i wash the pots and then go sit and just listen to frogs and toads singing and hopefully catch a glimpse of a tiny fish.
We have new additions  this week...we bought some pond snails..a natural cure for the algae that has built up..we popped them in and they promptly disappeared..we watched them crawl off and now we are hoping the fish don't eat them..
So that is my secret relaxation place..where's yours?


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