Good news..

Hello all,how are you bare faced beauties today?
Well this week i have 2 lots of good news..
1,my gorgeous daughter Fionna had the all clear again from her skin cancer check up..such a relief for her and us as well..bless her.
2,i passed my Home School a glowing report back .
In the post i received a £5 gift card for the Ntional Trust..this was for enquiring about the Holiday Homes..i will save that for when i see something amazing..
I have sold all my items on Ebay and have a nice little amount in my Paypal.
I am feeling darn good this week..2 lots of good i just need a winning lottery ticket 😁.
How about you ladies/ has your week been?


  1. Really pleased to hear Fionnas news.i can only imagine the relief that it must has given to you all.
    This week has been half term so it's been wonderfully chaotic. I'm trying not to remind myself that they go back to school on Monday :(

    1. Thank you Sarah..yes i have seen your blog and the activities..looking good.
      Yes we are back to school as well..this week was a celebration of passing our Inspection..

  2. So glad to see your daughter has the all clear from the skin cancer check up. Having just gone through the same thing a few months ago I totally understand the worry Fionna and everyone went through! Sunscreen-SPF60-and a hat have become my best friends!

  3. That's brilliant news all round.
    Busy here in the half term loving being around my little one and seeing friends.


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