Generous neighbour..

Hello all..How the devil are you all?
Our neighbour who lives a few doors away ,at the wekend came over and gave us 2 lovely punnets of Strawberries..apparently he had been at a Steam Rally and a stallholder was going to bin a box full of them..our neighbour asked if he could have them..he was told "of course i was going to chuck them"..what???? chuck away a whole box of home he came with them.
He was so generous he shared them all out between the neighbours..and they were a very welcome treat for us..we bought some cream and totally enjoyed them.
So on the subject of generosity ..are you generous?
I like to think we are..if we have excess fruit and veg we will share with our girls if they want it..and also the neighbours if they want some..last year we gave bags of salads and courgettes away along with beetroots and onions.I am hoping they were used and enjoyed as much as we enjoyed the Strawberries.
But then generosity comes in different can be generous in lots of ways..something insignificant to you can mean the whole world to someone else.
Generous with your time is one thing i think people do appreciate..just taking the time to chat to someone who probably doesn't have anyone to talk too..
Generosity is one thing that can't hurt you but helps others.
Teaching your children to generous but not to be taken for a ride is a good lesson as well.



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