The final straw..

I am fuming..absolutely livid.
In the front garden we have a little border that is full of lovely flowers and little the Winter when they have all died back its literally a Cat poo paradise. It stinks to high heaven and we have to clean it up..the neighbours look sheepish but never say anything.
So yesterday i was sweeping the front porch and caught a whiff..i could not believe flowers have grown quite well and the border is filled with them..not a bit of dirt can be where did they poop..only on top of them..totally covered them in poo..thats sick and tired of opening my door to the smell and bloody fed up of cleaning it up.
The border will be emptied and then either concreted or slate tiles will be put they can't poo on makes my blood boil..they are not my bloody cats yet i have to clean up the crap..i want to swear and say something else but i won't ..i think you catch my drift.
Its quite infuriating when your outside almost being sick cleaning it away and the neighbours can see you but always say "my cat uses a litter tray" you think i fell out the stupid tree.
And god help us from the dirty looks if we dare to shoo them away out the garden.
I am not a cat hater by any means but i hate what they leave behind.


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