Out for the day..

Hello all, how are you?
Hasn't the weather been glorious for the last few days,unfortunately it rained today but i do think the gardens and allotment needed it.
We went out for the day to Belton House yesterday..it was sunny but cool..we went all over the woodland and then around to the coffee shop for a quick drink then off again. This time we went all around the lakes and i got some amazing pictures..well i got 265 of them but won't put them up just a few.
We had our picnic lunch in the little stone house we always do..so lovely.
We went off the pathway and around the overgrown part..Fern bless her came very close to an Adder,,it was long and brown..she didn't panic but stopped walking and very slowly backed away and went to her dad,we were only a few steps behind but it was a scare.After that we stayed on the pathway.
Unfortunately it moved real fast and i couldn't get a picture but i did see it, so i know what it was.I was proud of Fern for not screaming and running..she was very calm and now cannot wait to tell her friends.
So be warned this is a picture heavy post

It was a wonderful day..we got home and literally devoured our Dinner..the girls were worn out and went to bed quite early.
I am so glad we chose yesterday to go.It was a truly welcome break for us all..i never take my phone and hubby couldn't get a signal thankfully. The peace and quiet of it all was just what we all needed.


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