New plants..

Hello you may know i love House plants..but by crikey they can be expensive to buy.
I try to get cuttings if i can but its hit and miss if they take or not.
One of my favourite plants is the Spider Plant..its almost indestructable and can be moved all over with no ill effects,in my experience.It also grows huge if you look after it properly.. i love to see them with the leaves hanging down.
Today we had to remove some of the babies off the mother plants..instead of just stcking them in a jar we decided to pretty them up a bit..the deal is this..if and its a BIG IF..if the girls can look after them and then pot them on they can have them in their bedroom..both love the house plants we have and help me to look after them but they have never done it by its a tester really.
I had some little jars in a crate ..small but big enough to take the babies..they popped labels on the bottles so no mix ups happen..and then put the plants in.

So fingers crossed i can hopefully inspire the girls to look after them and grow their own.
take care


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