It's May already..

Good morning are you on this wet Bank Holiday?
Well i have had a few blogger problems but they seem to have sorted it now..flipping posts kept disappearing on me.
Its been busy here in the last few weeks..we have been to the allotments and started to sort them out..we have the greenhouse all tidied and emptied and ready for action..our little seedlings are coming along nicely.
The girls and i went through their wardrobes and sorted some nice little bundles for selling.And also found what needs to be replaced..mainly Fern's tops but apart from them she is ok for clothes.I will replace Ferns with money i make selling the bundles.

We did make a lovely Easter cake but we never got the chance to put the picture up so here it is..
It was delicious..

We have been busy doing some little craft items..Fern and i did these..

They are old Cigar boxes that have been hanging around for years..we painted them then Lacquered the tops so no scuff marks..all our school pens,pencils,crayons and felt tips fit nicely..and will look nice stacked up ..

We had a lovely visit from our Daughter Fionna along with little Nora..who is growing wonderfully..she was smiling and cooing at us all..such a happy little thing.
 Aunty Iris in action..she adores the baby..
I bought myself a new book..something unheard of in this house..but i could not resist it and the price was just £2..
I love it and have been avidly reading it and making little notes for what i would like to do..

It has lots of old style recipes and storage ideas and also how to plan your pantry to make it more efficient..needless to say i feel a little revamp of my pantry coming on..also Season by Season ideas.

I bought this little beauty for a £1..i love it and it looks really good above my little bookcases in the living room.

This chair was given to me many years ago and i never bothered to paint it or fix it as it suited at the the girls are too big for it i have decided this is our next craft and make over project..any ideas ladies..its very small and i did think of making it in to a book chair..sit in the corner with our Library books on it so they are all in one place..maybe a little stencilling on it..all ideas will be gratefully recieved.
I hope that your all good and enjoying the day..
take care


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