Bare faced..

Hello all,how are you on this wet Bank Holiday?
Well for many years ,since i was a teenager actually i have never left the house without make up on..dashing around in the mornings to get children sorted for schools and nurseries to make sure i had the time to put it on.
I would feel naked with out it to be honest..if we had visitors coming on it went.Always took some with me in my handbag as well to touch up .
Over the last few months i have decided i am not doing it any more..don't get me wrong i still put a little on  to go out but last week i didn' felt so good to be bare faced.
The main reason i have done this is i feel comfortable in my own skin taken 49 years but i finally got there..i am not perfect but gave the illusion of being it with my face made now you can see i have small bags under my eyes and all my wrinkles are on show for the world to see and do you know what ladies..i don't care..i feel great and hubby assures me i look it as well..apparently i look fresh faced and younger..but i feel good as well..and my face doesn't feel so heavy with it covered in make up.
Don't get me wrong i am not saying i won't wear it ever again but if we go somewhere then a little will be i tell my girls make up is meant to accentuate not cover..
Another reason is that i have a nasty looking mole on the side of my amount of make up can cover just makes it stick out more..when i have make up on it irritates it..i am currently waiting to see a Skin Specialist at the Hospital to have it assessed..i had one like it a few years ago and they froze it here's hoping they can do that with this one..its so close to my eye if it gets any bigger it will impede my vision lol.
My skincare routine over the last year or two has changed as well..i used to use wipes but now i use warm and cold water..with a moisturiser from Lidl's..thats it..once a week i do a face mask..its makes my skin feel so soft and glowing.Its a charcoal one that you leave on for 10 minutes then rinse off..i can feel it getting tighter and panic lol..thats when it comes off.

My skin feels better and looks better as well..i don't  get the spots i used too anymore either.
So how about you ladies? Have you gone make up free or just wear a little bit?
Has your skincare routine changed over time?
What are your tips for lovely glowing skin?


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