Would you believe it..

Hello all,how are you?
I am feeling much better thank you..the antibiotics have kicked in and i can now eat and drink normally..thought i might waste away.
As you know one of our beloved chickens passed away a month ago..well we seriously thought the other one would be sad and lonely with out her friend.Nope not happening..she is strutting aroud like she owns the place and has started to lay eggs again..i have 7 lovely fresh eggs sitting in my fridge ready for us to enjoy.She is 7 years old now and seems to have found a new lease of life.Bless her.

Last week we had a rough week and stayed home..we only spent on groceries and hubby and the girls got lots of outside jobs done. They cleaned all the windows and doors and door frames,hubby went through the shed and found some fence paint and also  some green fence paint that i will be using to paint the outside of our back porch.They tidied out the greenhouses and planted seeds.
Before i was ill we went to the library and returned books and then spent a good hour choosing more.

All our fruit trees are starting to blossom..the frogs and toads have done their spawning and we have tadpoles all over the pond.
My hubby's shed is now a new treasure trove..i have wanted to some blind cleats so the cords don't dangle all over..lo and behold he disappeared down the shed and came back with 2..he is finding lots of little things that he forgot about..seems having a good tidy up and a big clearout has unearthed treasures for us.Lots of tools he bought ages ago and seemed to disappear in the dingy darkness are now being brought out into the light. I am not complaining its a god send..he found little bits to fix his bike and some extras for his lawn mower.Only worth a few pounds all told but it adds up.

The girls have made some Easter cards and have been reading about why we celebrate Easter.
We will be making some treats this week..some lovely biscuits, my friend Lyn sent me a recipe a while back  they are so yummy and don't last long.Hubby is going to make Hot Cross Buns as well.

M y daughter Fionna popped down to see me last week and we had a lovely evening chatting..well me trying to chat..she bought me a laundry basket that she doesn't need anymore and a gorgeous summer jacket for Iris..i had sorted through Fern's wardrobe earlier in the week and had 3 tops for my grand-daughter..so it was nice to chat and swap things.
My other daughter Heather came with  her girls today..so all 4 went outside to play and didn't hear a peep out of them..so lovely to see them all getting along and playing well.
Well now my medicine is working i am hoping to catch up with things and get back to normal.
I will be doing some before and sfter pictures of our adventures in fence cleaning..the horrible green stuff that grows all over them..we tried it last week on one and it worked the panels look new..will also post the mix you can do it with.
Take care all


  1. You have been busy! Glad to hear you are feeling so much better.
    Twice now we have been down to one hen and on each occasion they have done well - their cheekiness has come to the fore and they've had a great time as a singleton.

    1. Thank you..yes she is being the boss now..don't think she got the chance before..she is all puffed up and marching all over..i hope she is happy and lasts a long time..we would be lost with out them.


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