Not a lot going on here..

Hello all,how are you?
This week has been so slow and awful..i have tonsilitis again..woke up unable to talk or even swallow without feeling sick.
I have antibiotics for it but it has been hellish..and i am starving. I can't swallow properly so all i can manage is soup and yoghurts..even tea is like drinking shards of glass,i cannot wait to sink my teeth into something satisfying and filling.
Now for the unpleasant part of taking antibiotics..Thrush..if like me you get it everytime you have antibiotics then you will have to use Canestan to get rid of it..and boy isn't that expensive..worth it but expensive.
I mentioned to the Nurse Practioner about it..she told me to ask for this at the Chemists and they have to sell it to you and it less than half the price of Canestan..
Its called Fluconazole when it strikes i will be trying this.I will let you know how it goes .


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