Its that time again..

Hello all,how are you today?
Our local elections are being held next month..and so far we have been inundated with leaflets,letters and flyers all shoved through the letter box.
This is just from this morning.
Now he is my list of gripes.
1,who are they?
2,never heard of them doing anything constructive for the town.They all say they opposed the closing of our Maternity unit and the closing of our A&E..really? well they couldn't have opposed it that much as they were still closed down.Our town is getting bigger and bigger as the council seems to think that we can manage..our roads are pretty bad and more often than not we have a gridlock..but still they keep adding new builds which just adds more and more pressure to the roads,schools and of course if you have an accident there is no A&E for you to go have to drive to the nearest which is Lincoln..thats fine if your lucky enough to have a car.
3,if one of them had the actual testicular fortitiude to knock on my door and speak to me then i would listen and ask know like they used to back in the day when you were important to them and not as i see it they take your vote for granted.
4,my vote is a precious hard won right and for me to give it to you,then you have to show me that you will use it and not abuse it.
5,it all feels so impersonal..a letter,a leaflet..o that will do for them..i just want their vote to keep me in for another few years..if they think just shoving paper through my letter will persuade me then think again.
6,i have not seen one campaigning or holding any kind of meeting to talk to the public.

I will be a reluctant voter this i seriously don't think any of them deserve my vote. I will vote for the good of my town but so far none of them seem to have persuaded me.
What do you think?
Do you get fed up of these people suddenly appearing and inundating you with leaflets?
Ok enough of the moaning here is some one who will make you smile..
Little Ellanor..just had a bath and wide awake..gorgeous little thing.


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