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Hello all,how are you?
I am a little fed up and slightly annoyed as well..this has been bubbling for a while now..well actually years,so here it goes.
I get so sick and tired of reading on certain "mummy" websites of  mums moaning about half terms and school holidays..why?
Some have said they have no idea what to do with them and others have come right out and said they dread it.Why?
It really pushes my buttons..i seriously cannot be the only one who loved school holidays and still do.
We all had a great time and relaxed and did what we wanted to do..going out,the park or just lounging in the garden..we still do.
I just don't understand why they moan..you had the children and had them at home before they went to school so whats the problem now.
I used to count down the days til we had holidays..and i actually dreaded them going back to school,i loved having all my children at home..we spent ages talking and playing outside..going on long walks with the dog. for me it was the best times and i hope it was for my children too.
I was hopping with absolute joy when they broke up from school.i couldn't wait to get them home and start to have fun..propbably sounds a little strange but i really missed them all when they went to school and as each one went to their first day at school i would literally sob my heart out til they came home.Only to find out they had a great time and loved it..better than having them cry.
I know lots of mums who feel the same way as i do but then i see even more mums moaning..come on stop it...enjoy what you have and have fun..make memories that they and you treasure.

So how about you ladies/gents..do you love the holidays or dread them?
And another thing that pushes my buttons is how some parents treat and speak to their children but that's a whole new rant.

Well ladies/gents it seems i am not the only one who loves having my children at home.
I totally understand the mums who have to work that don't get the time with their children..no one was calling them for it.I do think the price for childcare here and in the States is extortionate and unfair..help should really be available but sadly it isn't.
My daughter works full time so does her husband and we do help out by having the girls for days when she can't arrange childcare.

I find it sad that in one comment the lady said that children were encouraged to write about their holidays and only came up with laptops/computers/tablets..so sad that they were left to their own devices.

And also it depends upon your children as well..some are easy going and some definitely aren't..its finding that balance that works for all of you that is hard..what you want is something totally different to what they want or expect..its all swings and roundabouts and folks do what works for them and what makes them and their family happy.

It is awful as your little brood slowly disappear to school one by one..so year after year your house becomes quieter and quieter. You can either enjoy the silence or dread it..or just get on with it and look forward to when they come home and have holidays.

O and to the commenter who said i live in cuckoo land and not the real world..screw you..next time leave your name and i will publish your comments.But for now my anonymous friend Adios ,goodbye,au revoir.



  1. I have never understood it either and neither has my mother.

  2. Here in the states, people usually sign the kids up for summer camps and all kinds of activities, so they are rarely at home all summer day....boggles the mind. They hardly ever get to hang out all summer long ( our summer holidays are 10 weeks long...). When I taught, I REALLY looked forward to the summer holidays!
    My children were home all summer..we went swimming, rode the ponies, played with friends, wen to the beach, hung out at the house!

  3. I absolutely loved school holidays when my children were young. I have five children and we used to have so much fun in the holidays. They are all grown up now and I wish I could turn the clock back.

  4. I'm with you. Even though my 3 are all grown up now, I can remember the relief when the last day of school came along, especially the long summer break. But how the holidays flew by! My youngest (23) still feels the same but she's now a teacher so probably for different reasons!!

  5. My children are grown, but I always dreaded school starting for them. I liked my children and enjoyed our days at home together,

  6. i think it does depend on your kids , some are easy and just love the relaxed potter about of school holidays others can be endless hard work , i had one of each. Their nature hasnt changed now theyre adults ..lol

  7. We like the holidays here, lie-ins, fin things to do at home, playdates ! Great fun ! I guess the pressure comes when you can't get time off and have to find childcare, that's hard !

  8. I agree...it's sad when mothers don't want to be with their own children!

  9. I used to love school holidays when my girls were young, I resented them having to go to school. They would pick up bad habits and learn things that I thought it would be better left unlearned, now I look forward to the gran kids holidays, to all the freedoms and no constraints. I just don't understand why people have children if they don't want to be with them.

  10. I love the school holidays. No time limits and we can do what we like when we like. We create our own fun. X

  11. I love having my little ones home with me where they belong! But I will admit to enjoying that first day they go back so I can get a mammoth deep clean done without my 'helpers' lol
    X x

  12. So many mothers work now and holidays mean extra cost, arrangements etc

  13. I'm a teacher. I teach 7yos. After any holiday I encourage the kids to talk and write about what they've done over the holidays. Sadly, most of them say they just played on a computer/tablet/phones. Very few get taken on trips out or are allowed to just go outside and play. Parents don't want to do anything with them but equally are too scared to let out of their sight!

  14. Totally with you on this. Loved the hols. Picnics, swings, paddling pools, bikes, woods, National trust, Castles and beaches.

  15. I too loved having my children home. I had all four quite close together so when my daughter reached school age I still had my sons at home, so I wasn't alone till the last son started school and then gosh I felt lonely!

  16. I'm in the states. My sister is a single mom, and thankfully she makes a good wage because sending two kids to summer camps is very expensive!! Moms over here also dread the "teacher in service days" which equals a day where they have to pay for child care.

  17. I absolutely loved school holidays. I have six kids and each one was allowed to bring a friend. I went evrywhere with 12 kids... and often more.... We walked for miles, took picnics, played ball games..I hated it when they went back to school. I used to pick mine up from school and take them to the local library for a story.. I used to sit and read to them and often other people kids would sit too. One of mine was an absolute horror... still is.... :-)

  18. Thank you for all the comments ladies/gents..thank the lord i am not the only one


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