What a difference..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well yesterday was just so amazing..sunshine and no clouds..the birds were singing and so were the frogs and toads that have made our pond their home.We saw butterflies and bumble bee's..the buds are opening on our Pear tree and also one apple tree..we found Toad Spawn and Frog Spawn in the pond so we are going to keep an eye on it again to spot the little tadpoles.My washing line was full of laundry and it felt so good to feel the sun on my face..i swept the garden and the girls and i picked up the dead wood that has fallen from our Beech tree's.We opened the Wendy house and gave that a quick sweep too..Hubby will have to in and de bug for us..i saw some huge spiders that could very well pick me and walk off with me..never knew they could get that big.
We made a few plans of what we would like to do in the garden if the weather stayed nice..i think it was listening and this morning it was sunny to start then in rolled the clouds and the wind..and even now its raining here..gosh darn it i had plans..o well i will have to wait but the good news is Spring has arrived.
The girls couldn't wait to get school over with so they could get outside..they were just so happy to be out in the sun..they played for ages..and then went out again after tea..they both needed some fresh air especially after the nasty cold/virus they have had..i am hoping it has blown away the cobwebs for them,they were seriously disappointed this morning but then wrapped up and still went out for a while.
Hubby is still recovering from the cold/virus he got from the girls..it has really knocked him.He has this awful cough that seems to bother him more at night..which as a result he is not sleeping that well/neither am i :)..however i know if i get it then it will be the same for him.

I have bought myself some new clothes..it was a hard fought battle but i won a massive bundle of clothes for £14.50 last week..it was £6 postage but o boy was it worth it.The box arrived yesterday..the description did not do it justice at all. I think every item is new or as good as and the jeans have never been worn..they do require some taking in and taking up..but they are just gorgeous.Its a mix of long and short sleeve tops with a tunic top and 2 vest tops plus 3 pairs of jeans.I don't buy clothes very often but this bundle just ticked all the right boxes and will see me through the summer and beyond.I sorted my wardrobe out and now i have a neat and tidy wardobe..a majority will mix and match and i have some separate pieces.Posh frocks and 2 pairs of high heel shoes.
I am now the owner of a pair of jogging bottoms.They are actually quite comfy.
What do you think of my bundle bargain.

take care all


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