Its not perfect..but it was free.

Hello all,how are you today?
In my last post i said we were going to make a tablecloth out of some fabric my daughter gave me.
It was in long pieces and odd bits but too good to throw away.
We had to patch some of it together with the sewing machine but we managed to make a tablecloth to cover my table.
It has a wrinkle in it but that is where it has been folded and will flatten out in time.

Our dining table is about 10 years old and still has some fading and marks on it where little people have forgotten to use a coaster..
 The bits and pieces of fabric
 This is what we ended up with when we had measured and cut it to size.
 You can see the wrinkle but it will flatten
Can you see the join..
Its a type of oil cloth fabric but not as strong..i love it, so easy to cut and sew together.
So now hopefully my table will be good for another 10 years.

PS..welcome to my new follwer Di..hello ;)


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