Frugal doings..

Hello all,i hope that your well or recovering from this nasty virus.Flowertot Mansion is still recovering..hubby,son and Iris are still coughing for Britain but its slowly and i mean slowly seems worse at night for them..Number 1 son well infact only son has had to have 2 days off work as he just looked awful. Hubby is on the mend during the day its at night he struggles to sleep with the cough..Iris is that shattered she has little bags under her eyes..i have been sending them off outside for the afternoons to play and hopefully the fresh air will do her good.Fern is good now,,only a sore throat that bothers her occasionally,as for me i hopefully dodged it.
Despite the household being ill and having to buy some medicines i have been frugal.
We have had the sewing machine out. We took in some jeans for Fern..we cut the waist band and put a tuck in for her..they fit really well.They will be good for the garden and playing in.I patched a pair of leggings for Iris and also Darned some socks..not very well but good enough to last a little longer.
I cut the buttons off some tops that don't fit me anymore.I also cut the tops up into squares for cleaning rags and saved some of the prettier fabric to make little scent bags.
I sewed a button back on hubbys garden trousers and also Sams work trousers. My son sorted his wardrobe and gave me 10 pairs of jeans to sell on Ebay.
I did have a few sales on Ebay .
During the recent strong winds we noticed that our greenhouse was losing the panels..its one of those plastic ones..big and sturdy but the panels are going brittle now.We had some wood left over from a project and also some hubby set to and removed the brittle panels and replaced them with woode framed plastic panels..he has done a great job and as the materials were left overs it really hasn't cost anything.
I have been using the time delay on my washing machine so i have a load done before i get up.This way its gets a head start on getting dry on the line.
We have been making our own Hot cross buns..i can't stand them to be honest but everyone else loves them.
I have been using up bits and bobs out of my pantry to make it to the last day of the month when i will do a huge pantry shop..we have no Baked Beans left..the horror lol.
I found some Spam fritters in the freezer and a that will make for some interesting meals at the end of the week.
Hubby has gone through his seed box and we don't have to buy any this year at all..we did buy a lot in the end of season sale last year.They were all reduced to 10p a packet.

I downloaded some fabulous worksheets for the girls courtesy of TES..who gave me £3 credit.Brilliant website for schooling.

I have been going through my Pennypinchers book seeing if there is something else that i can do..i love reading that book, its on my bedside table..along with Have a Goode year by Shirley Goode..i find it comforting that i am not the only one who is trying to be frugal and enjoy myself at the same time.
I gave the girls the recipe and ingredients to make Granola and left them to it..we now have a big jar of it for breakfasts. They did a good job and i think it won't hurt them to learn how to make it,i also let them make dessert today..only a Lidl version of Angel Delight..but they made it together and served it up in my Sundae dishes..lovely thank you girls.

I had a wonderful Mothers many very thoughtful gifts..thank you to all of you.
I hope that you ladies all had a wonderful Mothers Day..
So that is my frugally things for last week.


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