Busy week..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its been busy here at Flowertot Mansion.
The weather has definitely improved and we got some outside jobs done,i.e. cutting the grass and tying in some branches that are starting to go a bit haywire. Don't really want anyone to get poked in the eye as they are at that level for the girls.
Hubby cut the grass and finished making his own table saw with the help of Youtube tutorials..saved him a fortune maikng his own..only cost us the wood for the top and that was £18 with delivery and VAT..so not bad.He hopefully now will be able to catch up on his wood working and making little bits and bobs for the house and garden without having to be a master contortionist in his shed.Whic even though its quite long it is quite narrow but serves our purpose.
We lost our little chicken Violet..she went in her sleep..peaceful and cosy in her little box.We now just have one chicken Tulip (a.k.a. Buff)..who is still marching about like she owns the place and scaring off anything that dares go near her little pen..you can see the cats literally give her a very wide berth and they will run past her.I am hoping she doesn't get lonely, we keep popping down to have a chat with her.Which i'm not sure she appreciates ..she looks quite annoyed with us sometimes.

All this week we have been learning about Italy..i like to do the lap books with Iris and Fern does her own research which i have downloaded for her.
I was a little surprised to find i had no card left in my school stash to make a lap book.Then inspiration struck me..my son bought himself some new quilts a few months back and i saved the card that came with it..they looked like brown folders..bingo we stuck 2 together and got on with it.
We still have a little more to do but its been quite interesting and we 3 agree that their way of life is relaxed and if we got the chance we would love to visit.
I was hoping i had some Italian postcards form the huge bundle that my friend MLW sent me but alas no Italian ones..never mind.

I bought a Pork joint and cut it into 3..not bad as it was about £8.34

It was a nice joint not too much fat running through it either..works out at £2.78 per joint..i am cooking one now and the other 2 have been frozen.
I baked today and made some more Cinnamon Swirls as the last lot went pretty quickly and i only had 2 of them.
 I made a ham and egg flan for lunches in the week.
 Also some cookies
 More granola for Iris and myself
And finally my swirls..also a dozen tarts of jam and lemon..i would get literally lynched if i didn't do those.
My littlest grand daughter Ellanor went for her first set of jabs this week..o she did cry bless her. But thankfully all is ok now..the nurse told my daughter that they have to witness the baby being given Calpol in front of them..if not they class it as neglect.Now i know one set of parents who steadfastly refused to give their baby anything like Calpol even when he was teething..all they did was moan that he was crying all the time..even though when they got a headache they took paracetomols to help them but the poor baby had to suffer..never understand parents that refuse to help their child with pain relief . Infact it really presses my buttons so selfish.
Here is the little ray of sunshine..hasn't she grown.She goes though the night as well.She gurgles and smiles and is such a happy little thing.

My poor hubby has caught the cold that the girls have had..o he looks rough..told me he thinks his legs have detacthed and gone else where..he hasn't been getting much sleep as he keeps coughing and is all bunged up. He felt like a little boiler yesterday but had goose pimples all over. Bless him..i am hoping i don't catch it..but my chances are pretty slim.
Right ladies i am off to do tea..Bacon sandwiches tonight.
Take care all Flowertotmum.


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