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Hello all,how are you today?
What a gorgeous few days we have had.Washing out,girls playing out all afternoon...i am hoping this is the start of a lovely Spring.
As its Mothers Day tomorrow my daughter Fionna took me out for a treat morning on Thursday at Belton Garden Centre..o its absolutely lovely there.I honestly could have spent all day  just walking around the flowers and plants and the huge section of trees.It wasn't as expensive as i thought it would be..reasonable but not dirt cheap.
We spent a good hour in the coffee shop which is massive..and again good prices.It wouldn't be affordable weekly on our budget but now and then would be a real treat,the staff are so friendly and extremely helpful.
This is what we had with our cups of was huge..i honestly couldn't finish mine.
A peanut butter was totally delicious but i started to feel sick halfway through it..but a good kind of sicky feeling..i was so stuffed. More than likely on a sugar rush high.
We went around the Aquatic plants and checked out the fish..this one is bloody massive..he came right to the surface and made us jump when he started smacking his tail around
As we were leaving we saw a huge chicken run..turns out its a Peacock pen..and didn't we see the real thing..he fanned out as we got there and was posing for us..he looked beautiful
I had a lovely morning,got totally stuffed,had a wonderful wander around and then this at the end of it..we are planning on going back next month but taking hubby and girls as well..i think they will love it.
Thank you fi


  1. Being frugal, I hope you asked them to wrap up the rest of the cake to take home 😋

    1. haha i should have but i nipped to the ladies came back and the table had been time i am taking a little box with me to pop them in..

  2. What a lovely day out, garden centres make a nice day out. Enjoy Mothers Day x

    1. It was lovely and i felt so relaxed and chilled out when i came home..


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