Ok..the world has gone bonkers..does anyone else find this funny,ridiculous and daft.
Don't get me wrong i feel for the poor farmer in the countries affected..but seriously is it the end of the world..people have gone crazy today in Asda and Lidl to get them. Might do us some good to not have any on tap so to speak..in a way it might encourage people to grow their own and not rely on supermarkets so much..in my little vision this then takes off and more and more people get the growing bug and enjoy it.If only.
However,i have heard that there will aslo be a shortage of Courgettes and Tomatoes..we were joking about keeping ours under lock and key..but hubby told me that people already steal veggies so these 2 items will be on top of the list..bit like the  blackmarket lol.
Being honest i can live without a lettuce ..eating seasonal veg has a lot going for it.
And by that i mean our seasons not some far flung warm country.
What about you ? Has it made you chuckle or run to the shop to get one?


  1. If I have to buy lettuce it is never of the Iceberg variety. I never buy courgettes as we grow our own, and lots of them; I have plenty in the freezer to make soups with and to add to casseroles and sauces until our next glut comes around :)

  2. I'm a bit of a salad dodger so I won't be rushing out to stock up! If we can't get something when we go shopping I'll just buy something else.

    It's a real shame for the producers though.

  3. Couldn't believe this was news worthy. We grow most of our own produce, which we supplement by buying local. Salad at this time of year is depressing to me, I'd much rather be eating brassicas and root veg!

  4. I'm wondering what on earth people do with 3 of them other than juggle! We can manage one in a week and there's 5 of us!
    What big secret am I missing?

  5. I think I can live without an iceberg. I have a courgette languishing in the fridge. Maybe I should put it up for auction ha ha x


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