Unexpected treat..

Hello all,how are you?
Its been cold,damp,miserable and down right grey here in Lincolnshire..we have been saving money where we can with the heating but i down right refuse to be cold in my home. We wear slippers,socks and big chunky jumpers but at times you need that heating on to keep the house warm.We have thermal blinds,thermal lined black out curtains at virtually every window,we have nice thick door curtains up at front and back doors..so we are cosy and comfy. Not over warm but just right. I won a small personal battle i have had with my hubby for months.i finally got him to wear his big housecoat after his bath at night..yay..it keeps him lovely and warm for hours.
This kind of weather is so dreary..but the good news is that apparently its going to warm up next week.There are signs of life in the garden..i have little green shoots for my bulbs coming up and the lilac has big buds on it..not much longer til Spring we just got to keep going until then.
The girls have been busy baking..they made flapjack and i took pictures which they made into a step by step instruction booklet.
I baked and made lots for the week..we are hoping to have guests and i like to offer cake with the tea or coffee.
We have been to see little Ellanor again..o she is filling out now..she made her mummy cry when she smiled at her for the first time..how beautiful is that. Her little nickname for now is Nora..
My daughter had a pamper night last night..a bath bomb,face mask,did her hair and nails..she was glowing this morning,her life has been non stop since the little one arrived so she treated herself..she bought me this as well..thankfully its half term next week so she may catch up with herself coming the other way bless her.

A little treat for me..a bath bomb,face mask,face scrub and some facial oil..i feel like a million pounds at the moment all soft and smooth..its wonderful what an unexpected treat can do for you.I think sometimes you get so busy and wrapped in daily life that you forget the little things that make you feel so good.I know i do..i honestly can't remember the last time i had a face mask or scrub or even a bath bomb..well from now on i think a little pamper will be on the menu once a month.
Thanks Fi..you made me feel great.
What about you lovely people,have you ever had an unexpected little treat that just made you feel amazing.


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