Manic Monday..for me anyway.

Hello all,how are you doing today?

Like my title says its been a Manic Monday for me.
A case of "on your marks ,get set and go and don't stop til you get done"
I had to leave the house early to get to a dental appointment..our Dentist is on the other side of town,a good 45 minute walk away..i got there sat down and whoosh i was called in. I had my filling done and had a chat with the dentist about it..he doesn't hold out much hope for it staying in as there was hardly anything left of my tooth to attach the filling too..but he did say he would make me a small denture if i had to have it removed so i don't get sunken cheeks.
Then i had to walk back to town to meet up with hubby and the girls(who really could do without having to be dragged to town but had no choice), we went to Specsavers to pick up new glasses for Iris,hubby and myself.Got those sorted and off home again..made it back just before it literally chucked it down.We took brollies with us just incase ..coz you can bet your last penny if we hadn't then it would have soaked back home..made lunch and a cuppa then the hairdresser arrived. She did mine real short this just seems to grow so quickly and very thick..the girls had fringes and backs trimmed..hoovered up all the hair  and got that sorted.

I was a little annoyed i had so much to do in one day but it was bad timing with everything.I daren't cancel my dental appointment as it takes so long to get another and i for some reason thought it was tomorrow until i got a confirmation email on Friday,Specsavers was hubby's idea to go pick them up as he desperately needed his and the Hairdresser was booked a month ago.
Honestly i don't think i have stopped since i got up.Now i am having a lovely cuppa and a sit down.
Do you ever have those days where its non stop?


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