Isn't my hubby clever..and it pays to shop locally...

I have a clever husband and a practical one as well..he made a book case for the girls bedroom.
It was quite a tight spot and narrow as well..the ones we found onlne were coming up to the £40 mark and more ,why i don't know..surely a slimmer book case would be cheaper but that wasn't the case.
We have a local wood merchant..Woodlines..they are brilliant. I rang and explained what i needed and what is was for..the man was amazing and very patient with me..turns out they cut it to size for me,delivered it and only charged me £23.16 this was including arrived neatly wrapped in card and cut to size..the size hubby has measured out and worked out how many shelves we needed and all that jazz..bless him.This has saved us some money and i am so pleased with it.
It took him a few hours to sort it and then he and the girls put it together..what do you think.
Its the slimmer looks pretty good doesn't it and less than what we were going to man.
As you can see Iris has claimed it..which is brilliant as now i don't get a guilt trip if i stand or stub my toe on her is their job to dust  them and keep them clean and tidy.
The floor is now clear of toys and has freed up so much space.What a clever man i married.
take care all


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